JustHost.com Review

justhost.comJustHost Summary

JustHost.com is a hosting provider that offers a wide range of services. They offer all the features you need with exceptional technical support service when needed. Just Host delivers well rounded hosting packages which are also user friendly. Even my grandparents would be able to setup a site in minutes using the Cpanel wizard setups available. Like most web hosting suppliers, however we found their control panel very easy to use, their support very friendly and eager to help resolve any issues we had. If you are looking for entry level affordable web hosting then Justhost.com is for you.

Price Rating – 5/5

With Web hosting packages on shared hosting available from prices starting from £1.95 per month we rated this 5/5 as one of the most affordable hosting packages available in the UK. Great for if you want to start out but also good for advanced users.

Features – 5/5

We couldn’t fault JustHost.com when it came to features available. They have it all. Website wizards to help you get started and build a new site in minutes, allowing you to add photo galleries, forums, blogs and more with ease. Single click install for WordPress, Shopping carts for if you are looking to start an ecommerce website. You can even setup SSL certificates if you wish.

With their control panel you can access ftp, email, webmail from anywhere on the internet. Look up website stats to find where visitors and coming from and how they get to your site. So whether you have no experience with setting up new websites, email accounts, ftp accounts or you have lots of experience, their is features available for all abilities.

Reliability – 5/5

We tested out their service over a 3 month period and didn’t suffer any issues, with very little downtime and no issues with service interruptions. With all hosting companies there will be some downtime as most will offer 99.9% uptime, unless you pay a lot more money for 100% uptime service. Depending on your needs as a individual or a business, but we found the service was very reliable and worthy of a top mark.

Support – 4/5

Just Host has top quality technical support available 24 by 7 so if you have any questions and need help getting started or have more critical issues like your website is not functioning or you cannot access email then Jump on a live chat online with their Tech Support team and they will resolve most issues immediately. We tested their support out and found they were very technical but also spoke in Layman’s terms rather than tech speak so we were happy to report that their service and responsiveness was up there with the best of web hosting companies in the UK.

They also have an extensive range of support articles on their website which will help guide you when starting out if you wish to learn how to do this yourself. Or if you are not too bothered about learning this and just want to get started right away, we found that the Just Host support team was more than happy to help.

Uptime – 5/5

We had no issues to report so could only give this 5 out of 5

As with all our ratings, we focuse on the most important aspects of choosing a web host. If you have used JustHost.com to host your sites and have something you wish to share, please fill out a comment below and don’t forget to rate this hosting company to help others when looking for a reliable uk hosting company.

Overall – 4/5

Overall we gave JustHost.com a review rating of 4/5. We are very strict and to get 5/5 they would have to be exceptional